location 197 Blyth st, Brunswick East, VIC 3057

location 197 Blyth st, Brunswick East, VIC 3057

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Residential Locksmith Services

High-Quality Locks For Your Homes 

Finding high-quality door locks doesn’t have to be a tricky thing to do. At Onchain Locksmith, we have the best lock and security system solutions for your home.

Making sure your family has security is our number one priority. Installing smart home devices is the best way to make sure you feel that security. However, not all smart locks are created equal.

Most smart locks are electronic lock systems that also operate mechanically. But how do smart locks work? This new technology operates the smart lock wirelessly with voice control of authorized people only to lock and unlock the door and gain access inside.

A smart lock uses remote access to replace using a traditional key, pin codes, or keypad for locking and unlocking your door locks. A smart lock is an important part of any smart home gear. At Onchain Locksmith, we provide you with the best smart lock brands like z wave smart locks.

Protect what you care about the most from a break-in by would-be thieves with a smart lock installation. If your front door locks need an upgrade to a smart lock, talk to us today and say goodbye to adding more keys to your keychain!

House Front Door Lock Installation

Is it difficult to lock and unlock your door? You might need a new key – or you might need a new front door lock. Your front door is the most crucial door to have locked, and making sure it is secure is our specialty.

To create a sound front door, we provide several options for extra security, from installing deadbolt locks to fixing the strike plate, door frame, or the actual door itself. We can make your front door secure in no time. Let us install a deadbolt lock or smart lock or fix the locking mechanism for you today!

Security Cameras for Residential Properties

Many devices make your home feel safe and secure. From devices that can help you check the battery life of your smoke alarms or your CO alarm to devices that help protect your wi-fi password from third-party devices and installing new door locks. The other option you can do to provide more security for your home is to install security cameras.

CCTV cameras are quickly becoming one of the more popular tools for home security. You can access your camera’s live feed from anywhere as long as you have a working wi-fi connection. You can monitor dark areas with infrared, thermal, and night vision features.

Knowing which one will be the best for your needs with so many brands and makes on the market is not easy. Contact Onchain Locksmith, and we’ll explain the various brands, how to monitor the camera using wi-fi, and answer any questions you may have.

Mortise Locks for Homes

One of the ways you can add extra security to your home is by installing brand new mortise locks. Our qualified team of locksmiths at Onchain Locksmith can professionally install the best locking systems and completely address your door and lock needs.


Mortice locks are considered one of the most secure lock systems for homes and commercial buildings. Instead of using the cylinder style of locks most commonly associated with door locking systems, a mortice lock uses a longer and thicker mortise box installed inside the door.

Since the size and shape of the mortise lock are larger, it means the locking mechanism will be stronger and more secure than other types of locks. It makes it a perfect lock for exterior and interior doors. Even though a deadbolt lock can be picked by bump keys, pick guns, or a power drill, a mortice lock is much harder to pick.

Upgraded Home Security

Onchain Locksmith is highly skilled at updating your home security solutions. Whether you want to unlock doors using a pin code on a keypad, unlock a door automatically with a voice command, or monitor your home’s security using wi-fi, we will install the right system for all your needs.

If pin codes and using a keypad isn’t your thing, and you still like using a key, we’ll install the most secure lock and key system for your home, office, or commercial building. For the most professional locksmith services in the Brunswick East area, contact our team at Onchain Locksmith today!

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